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About Ken Bostrom Ministries, Inc.
KBM was established in the year 2000. We have been affiliated with WMF World Ministry Fellowship since 1994 where we are licensed and ordained ministers of the gospel. Dr. Ken is the Texas Gulf Coast State Director and the former Advisory Board Chairman. Attended Bible College and have received our doctorates. Dr. Mary is with TXAPN and oversees Eleven Texas counties as a Regional Texas Counsel Member. We host a television ministry on Kingdom Broadcasting Network. We accept the Lord's call on our lives to be obedient in everything He tells us. We are a 501 (c)3 ministry.

Dr. Ken Bostrom, Th. D
Dr. Mary Bostrom, Th. D
Staying committed to our Savior & Lord Jesus Christ in all things.
 Beginning January 2019 we will launch our SHORT WAVE RADIO PROGRAM on WRNO WORLDWIDE RADIO reaching millions in the world for our Lord Jesus Christ. -- HELP US REACH THE WORLD FOR JESUS CHRIST
Dr. Ken Bostrom became a Born Again Christian Believer in 1982 and has served the Lord diligently in his call to the five-fold ministry. He is a licensed and ordained minister with WMF World Ministry Fellowship serving as the WMF Texas Gulf Coast State Director and Former Chairman of the Advisory Board. He has served on other Boards as well. He is Founder and President of KBM Ken Bostrom Ministries. Graduated as valedictorian from WBI Wisdom Bible Institute and holds a Doctorate Degree of Ministry in Theology. A former Bible College Instructor. Dr. Ken served in the U. S. Navy from 1967 to 1973 and received an honorable discharge. He holds a license with the State of Texas as a Hearing Health Consultant. He is married to his beautiful anointed bride since 1970 having two daughters, two prosperous son-in-laws and six grandchildren.

KBM MISSION is to Reach the Lost, Teach the Found, Preach the Word by Changing Lives with The Word of God to Become United in His Purpose.

​Mary Bostrom is called to be a teacher to the Body of Christ and is known for her practical application of the Word of God. Currently Mary is focusing on the prophetic timing we are in right now and helping the Body of Christ to come into alignment with God’s timing. In this assignment, she is helping the Church to understand our Jewish Roots and Signs in the Heavens.
Mary is also on the council of Texas Apostolic Prayer Network and coordinate strategic prayer assignments in the eleven County Birthplace Region with three other local TXAPN council members.
She is a graduate of Wisdom Bible Institute, Rhema Bible School and College for Global Deployment. She is VP of Ken Bostrom Ministries and ordained with World Ministry Fellowship.
Ken and Mary have appeared on TBN numerous times and have their own show on Kingdom Broadcasting Network, All the broadcasts are available on demand on YouTube under Ken Bostrom Ministries. The teaching videos can also be seen on Mary’s Blog site January 2019 KBM began teaching on WRNO Short Wave Radio, reaching into every nation with the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Ken and Mary have been married since 1970, have 2 happily married daughters and 6 grandchildren. They currently reside in Texas City, Texas.